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Matt Milberry (Benchmark Testing) about GymAware


President and Founder of Benchmark Testing.


Mat originally hails from Nova Scotia, where he grew up playing AAA hockey until being recruited to play at a Prep School in Maine. His hockey career took him to various levels including playing Junior A and CIS. After his hockey career Mat began to look at other ways of staying in the sport such as coaching AAA hockey in the Ottawa area.

Through Benchmark Testing, he wants to help athletes and coaches gain that extra competitive advantage needed to achieve personal and team success! Benchmark Testing is GymAware’s distributor in Canada.

“Allowing an athlete to fully understand and execute different dimensions of their game will make them prepared to for pro athletics.“

What made you decide to use the GymAware PowerTool? Did you try out any other solutions?

At Benchmark Testing we only use systems that can best collect athletic data accurately, concretely and objectively. We felt that adding a tool that can collect power and strength data can help sport performance coaches and athletes better understand areas of their game that may require more explosive functional movements.

How has the GymAware PowerTool helped your business?

The more options our clients have to confidently collect data based on the different sets of skills separates our programs from others. Pin pointing specific areas that may need improvement will not only help the individual athlete, but their team as a whole.

In which Sports (or athletes) have you used the GymAware with?

At this point we’re primarily focused on Hockey Specific On-Ice and Fitness Testing.

Before using the GymAware PowerTool, what did you use?

I had heard of the Tendo unit because of when I trained in Junior it was the only tool to test power and strength during off season training.

What challenges did you face before using the GymAware PowerTool?

Without GymAware I wasn’t able to accurately and objectively collect fitness data based on the strength and power. Through the application of our state of the art athlete timing gate equipment we were only able to collect, analyze and track on-ice & off-ice data based on a combination of Speed, Agility, Acceleration, Peripheral Vision and Reactive Change of Direction.

“The GymAware unit allowed us to expand our testing capabilities to include Strength & Power testing protocols.“

How did these challenges affect your business?

With GymAware, we are able to expand Benchmark Testing to include power testing and analysis capabilities. Being able to provide various testing protocols for our clients allowing them to compare their sport specific data between practices and games. Fully maximizing each one of our teams full potential and needs would help them reach their ultimate individual and team goals.

What was your experience switching and/or getting started with the GymAware PowerTool?

An easy transition into a new and very beneficial way to depict sport specific power and strength.

Please list your KEY aims of use with GymAware

To allow players, coaches and strength trainers to better understand their specific strengths and powers related to the athletes specific sport. We are fully committed to creating and customizing hockey specific testing protocols for hockey.