GymAware Cloud: Monthly report example

GymAware Cloud monthly report is just one of the few perks of the subscription. GymAware Cloud users enjoy access to Month Summary Highlights which looks like the below screenshot (names hidden for privacy): 

  • Overview of Squad Performance across Reps, Exercises, Velocity Zones, Training Days, Weight Ranges. You can also filter by each athlete under the squad selected and have a view of individual athletes’ monthly summary performance.
  • Velocity Range is able to provide a good insight into your current targets depending where you are at in the season. Some teams might want more Strength Speed during pre season and have the athletes focus on Starting Strength during the season. It provides a good overview across all exercises done during the month. Check out our velocity zones article here.
  • Similar to the velocity range, the weight range also provides insight into your target weight ranges depending on your training block/time of the season.
  • The Best Powers table displays the top athlete for each exercise for the month and you are able to click on the athlete and view their best rep.

GymAware cloud report example 1


GymAware cloud report example 2

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