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Tim Mosey talks about GymAware


Director of Athletic Development at Brisbane Boys’ College.


As part of a high school athletic development program, the concept of broadening the educational focus from the classroom to the sporting field is considered highly. The focus of the BBC Athletic Development program is to develop not only physical qualities, but provide students the opportunity to develop holistically across psychological, communication and strategic learning capacities.
“Using GymAware has enabled students to transfer classroom learned information and apply it to their individual training. Providing students with a direct connection to maths and physics particularly, has taken their understanding of these concepts into an applied realm and has reinforced the information they are learning.“

Tim is currently the Director of Athletic Development at Brisbane Boys’ College. Here he manages the athletic development program from prep to 12 across multiple sports and stakeholders at the school. His favourite sport is rugby having played since he was 5. His research area focuses towards applied research into Skeleton and he was a recent speaker at the ASCA conference.

“The use of this simple piece of technology seems to add to the level of buy in and understanding from students and athletes toward their training programs. Once educated, they are able to gauge an understanding of their responses to training and can grasp the concept of training adaptation explicitly. “

BBC currently use a vertical jump as a simple practical assessment of their students in the “power” realm. Prior to using GymAware for a more direct assessment of strength and power, they did not have the capacity to assess these qualities accurately. The reliability of the GymAware enables students to understand their training methods more precisely. It has added a level of credibility to the educational aspect of the daily training environment at BBC.

Before he used GymAware, Tim’s issues were that there was a distinct lack of reliable and valid quantitative data in strength and power assessment. Also, there was no capability of backing up his communication and education toward athletes in relation to training methods and approaches. With GymAware the added capability of quantifying variables of strength and power reliably, added to the level of engagement from athletes and students. This has helped, in retrospect, develop a stronger case for athletes to buy into their training programs.

Like with any new piece of technology there were teething issues, however Kinetic have always provided solid support when he needed help with understanding and unit use. Tim lists the best features of GymAware as being able to provide daily training environment evaluation, athlete feedback, understanding and assessment of training.

“GymAware is the monitoring tool to track performance and response to training doses.”


Tim Mosey is the Director of Athletic Development at Brisbane boys’ College in Queensland Australia. Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies), Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning), Level 3 Strength and Conditioning Coach ASCA, Professional Coach – ASCA Professional Coaching Scheme, CSCS.

Prior to this position he was a full-time strength and conditioning coach for 6 years working for the Tasmanian Institute of Sport in the Australian SIS/SAS network in Hobart with Olympic to developmental athletes, across multiple sports.