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Chris Duffin (Kabuki Strength) about GymAware


Chris Duffin is Elite Performance Center’s Co-owner and Head Strength Coach. He is also one of the leading powerlifters in the world.


Kabuki Strength

With the challenge of tracking data on multiple uses at the gym and the issues associated with using weight or volume metrics alone, Chris decided to find a solution to help him change his training methodology.

His desire to use additional metrics in the benchmarking process, and provide real-time feedback led him to discover GymAware.

“I evaluated the Tendo unit and found the GymAware to be a better solution”

As soon as Chris implemented GymAware as part of the day to day training, he saw workout intensity increase as people began competing with regards to speed on warm up sets. This also resulted in improved workouts.

“Personally my speed and strength has increased dramatically using this tool and the methods I’m able to employ with it.”

As well, Chris was able to use GymAware along with a set of parameters to drive workout decisions and help people realise personal records in short training cycles.

He uses GymAware with Powerlifting, Strongman, and Olympic Weightlifters. It allows him to differentiate his gym in the region for what is offered at the same time supporting his training methodology.

GymAware is able to provide his athletes with real-time feedback and achieve an increased workout intensity!