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NZ Rugby


Nicholas Gill has worked as a professional S&C coach for 16 years.


During this period, he has worked with some of the best athletes in New Zealand, namely Dan Carter, Richie McCaw (All Blacks) and Hamish Bond, and Eric Murray (NZ Rowing Olympic Gold Medallists). It’s hard to believe that whilst doing all this, Nicholas has supervised 8 PhDs to completion and peer reviewed 55 journal publications. He is a Senior Research Fellow at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

“I constantly use objective information from GymAware to track performance, training stimulus and to create competition.”

Nicholas has been one of GymAware’s earliest adopters; having used GymAware since it was first released in the early 2000s. Before using GymAware, Nicholas said he found Gym based “objective” feedback for a large group of athletes one of the biggest challenges as a S&C coach. The reason Nicholas uses GymAware is to create a competitive environment in the weights room, provide real-time feedback and long-term tracking of performance.

“The lack of objective feedback meant all lifting is based on what you see as a coach and what you feel as an athlete which are both massively important”

GymAware adds some objective information to the lifting, which then gives you the complete picture. GymAware helps take a little guess work out of prescription. Nicholas believes the reliability of GymAware is why he favours it over other small accelerometers.

“GymAware is easy to use, reliable, and effective.”
Nicholas has used GymAware with athletes from Rowing, Rugby Union, Tae Kwon Do and Cycling.