Integration Package

Integration package includes:

  • 1x GymAware RS zip kit
  • 3x FLEX systems
  • 3x FLEX Rack holders
  • 1x GymAware base plate
  • Access to the VBT fundamentals Course
  • 1 x Annual license to the GymAware Cloud Pro tier ($995/yr subscription)
Integrate both GymAware and FLEX in your training. This package is a cost effective and comprehensive Velocity Based Training solution. Utilise the best of both systems, apps and the GymAware Cloud.


Price in USD. The receiver/purchaser is responsible for any import duties, customs, clearances, tariffs or taxes that they may incur at the destination.

  • Measures and tracks all barbell exercises

  • Reliable accuracy backed by independent scientific validation

  • Easy setup and features enabling hands-free training sessions

  • Trusted by gym goers, high schools, colleges, budget-conscious elite teams, and researchers

  • Integrated with the GymAware ecosystem (app & cloud)

Laser barbell technology

Unlike any other barbell sensor or barbell accelerometer, FLEX uses a laser optic array technology. This is a wireless, accurate and durable barbell tracking solution.

In fact, this barbell technology makes FLEX the most accurate bar speed measuring device under USD $500. It measures every rep and is extremely accurate at both high and low speeds.

FLEX bar tracker for VBT using laser technology

Metrics beyond barbell velocity

FLEX is much more than just a barbell velocity tracker or barbell path tracker. Here are a few key FLEX metrics:

  • Velocity (concentric, eccentric, peak and average)

  • Power (concentric, eccentric, peak and average)

  • Time (concentric and eccentric)

  • Bar distance

  • Bar path
  • Bar position

Bar path video analysis Olympic power snatch in FLEX app

FLEX Stronger: barbell path app & more

FLEX STRONGER is the best barbell velocity tracker app. And it’s free.

Use the app to track barbell path and bar velocity. It automatically recognizes when sets start and finish, which means you can fully focus on your workout instead of tapping around on your phone. Here are a few FLEX features:

  • Real-time feedback (of course!)

  • Video mode and bar-path analyses

  • 1RM prediction

  • Automatic start and stop for a hands-free experience

  • Prescription: create in-app workouts

  • Buddy mode: train up to 3 people with one unit

  • Exercise assist: detects the exercise

  • Workout history and data export

  • 200+ exercises

  • Community in which you can share your results with friends

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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FLEX Stronger app showing peak velocity

FLEX: the best Weightlifting and Powerlifting velocity tracker

FLEX is the number one choice for tracking velocity in powerlifting and weightlifting. It measures bar speed and gives you real-time feedback for every lift.

With over 200+ exercises, all powerlifting and weightlifting exercises are available in the app. The exercise assist even detects the exercise.

Use video mode and bar-path analyses to improve your weightlifting technique. Use the 1RM prediction feature to track your powerlifting progress. And don’t forget to share your results with friends!

Overhead squat with flex velocity training equipment

FLEX for teams

GymAware x FLEX integration is the most cost-effective VBT solution for teams, bringing you the same feature set trusted by the Pros for over 20 years.

FLEX users can connect their FLEX device to the GymAware iPad app at no cost. This enables FREE RUN mode in the GymAware app.

Subscriptions are available for coaches wishing to access more features, including the GymAware Cloud. Check out more information about the GymAware app and Cloud or contact our FLEXpert.

High School Ignatius Park College implementing velocity based training

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