“With GymAware, athletes pay more attention and give more to every rep when they are being measured and competing with peers”

Chris Toombs, Serevi Rugby

“Given the general competitiveness of our student athletes, the GymAware has created an opportunity for our student athletes to compete on each and every set. The engagement in the training process has greatly improved and the intent to which each rep is performed has improved tremendously.”

Jeremy Weeks, Jesuit College

“I have enjoyed the recent upgrades to the GymAware software and feel that it continues to offer more help to extract information from my data and assist with analysis of players and their progress.“

Brendyn Appleby, Australian Hockey - Kookaburras

I like having the ability to store a particular lifter’s data and also generate performance reports. Instant feedback and analysis are crucial and invaluable. On one hand I can tell one of my lifters to stay over the bar in a snatch or that he is losing power in the middle of his pull.

GymAware has also helped to build the lifter’s trust in our coaching because the readouts serve to reinforce our cues. I am also interested in the real time leader-board. I like any tool that I can use to motivate my lifters.

Paulie Steinman, Head Coach, South Brooklyn Weight Lifting Club

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