Benchmark Testing

User Stories Matt Milberry _______ President and Founder of Benchmark Testing. _______ Mat originally hails from Nova Scotia, where he grew up playing AAA hockey until being recruited to play at a Prep School in [...]

Olympic Lifting

Blog Using GymAware for Olympic Lifts _______ Olympic lifts (OL) combine strength, power and neuromuscular coordination in a way that transfers to explosive athletic activities, such as vertical jump performance. _______ RATIONALE  The amount of [...]

Predictive 1RM Report

Blog Using GymAware for Strength Testing. _______ The use of repetition maximum testing (1RM) is often used by athletic trainers, health and fitness professionals and rehabilitation specialists to quantify the level of strength, assess strength [...]

Kabuki Strength

User Stories Chris Duffin _______ Chris Duffin is Elite Performance Center’s Co-owner and Head Strength Coach. He is also one of the leading powerlifters in the world. _______ Kabuki Strength With the challenge of tracking [...]

Mladen Jovanovic

User Stories Mladen Jovanovic _______ Mladen is the brains behind Complementary Training, Athlete Software Solutions and the Strength Training Manuals (Volumes 1&2) _______ He has been using GymAware since 2012 and we recently interviewed him. [...]

Dorrell: VBT vs %

Research Publication. VBT vs % _______ Comparison of Velocity-Based and Traditional Percentage-Based Loading Methods on Maximal Strength and Power Adaptations Harry F. Dorrell, Mark F. Smith, and Thomas I. Gee Human Performance Centre, School of [...]

Dorrell: LPT Validity

Research Publication. Validity and Reliability _______ "Validity and reliability of a linear positional transducer across commonly practised resistance training exercises." Harry F. Dorrell , Joseph M. Moore , Mark F. Smith and Thomas I. Gee [...]

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