Bryan Mann talks Velocity Based Training [webinar]

If you’ve read about velocity based training, you probably heard of strength coach Bryan Mann. In fact, Dr Bryan Mann was the first to come up with the name velocity based training (VBT). Let’s learn from a true expert!

Bryan Mann talks velocity based training

Dr. Bryan Mann is a practitioner, researcher, and educator in the field of Strength & Conditioning. He worked at the University of Missouri, and currently works at the University of Miami. In this article, we share some of his most valued input: webinars, scientific papers, books, etc.

“I’m a big GymAware guy, I really enjoy it.”

Bryan Mann

Webinar: Bryan Mann talks Velocity Based Training

In this webinar, Mann talks about

  • The early days of Velocity Based Training
  • What is Velocity Based Training
  • VBT devices and measuring technologies
  • Physiology in strength training
  • Training and monitoring large teams
  • VBT velocity training zones (chart)
  • Strength-speed vs Speed strength
  • How Velocity Based Training helps
  • Velocity vs Power
  • Why you need VBT – the benefits
  • Application: Olympic lifts
  • Application: 1RM prediction
  • Application: integration of VBT into an annual plan
  • Application: velocity loss

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Bryan Mann’s VBT training zone chart

Although Mann works at the University, he’s very good at translating theory into practical application. The best example is probably his velocity based training zones. Read everything you need to know about these velocity zones in this article.

“GymAware will capture and collect all of the data for you. As a function of the reports, the GymAware can also give you a predicted 1RM for any given day. With this already done and accounted for, it enables you to examine trends in the loads lifted at the various velocity zones over time to assess progress.

Bryan Mann

Scientific publications

Mann published several scientific papers about velocity-based training. The most famous one – that we highly recommend reading – is:

  • Velocity-based training: From theory to application

You can download this paper in PDF via this link.

Other papers worth reading are:

  • Using the Load-Velocity Profile for Predicting the 1RM of the Hexagonal Barbell Deadlift Exercise [LINK]
  • Predicting performance on the NFL-225 bench press test using bar velocity [LINK]
  • Application of velocity loss thresholds during free-weight resistance training [LINK]
  • Velocity-Based Training in Football [LINK]

“The use of devices such as the GymAware not only give you crucial feedback, they are the way to ensure that you are training the appropriate traits and will thus see the desired outcomes of training.

Bryan Mann

Bryan Mann VBT books

Have you finished watching the FREE webinar recording? Are you ready to learn more from Bryan? Here are 2 interesting VBT books he wrote:

  1. Developing Explosive Athletes: Use of Velocity Based Training in Athletes
  2. Powerlifting: The Complete Guide to Technique, Training, and Competition

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