Velocity Based Training with Brad Lawson and Saul Martinez

In Velocity Philosophy we interview leading experts in the field of strength coaching who implement velocity based training. Our aim is to use case studies/user stories to try and move away from theory and science to hear actual instances of VBT implementation – the good, the bad and the ugly. Guests are highly experienced in using the GymAware system, so we’ll be able to look at all the different ways coaches are leveraging GymAware and VBT concepts to improve performance in the gym, on the field and even to enhance their own professional careers.

In the first episode of Velocity Philosophy we join Major League Baseball Coaches, Brad Lawson, Head Strength Coach, and Saul Martinez (, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist, for broad discussion of Velocity Based Training application at the San Francisco Giants.

The Giants are prolific GymAware users and we get to hear how they leverage the system to get the most out of players in training, how they auto regulate players and how they efficiently move 40 – 50 players through their programs.

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