Velocity Based Training in Football, with Ted Rath (Eagles)

This episode is centred around Velocity based Training in Professional Football.

In this episode we are joined by  Ted Rath who is the Director of Sports Performance for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ted has a wealth of coaching experience at the elite level. In 2020 he joined the Eagles after spending the previous three seasons with the Los Angeles Rams. He is entering his 12th season at the professional level, also having served as an Assistant Strength Coach for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. In his first season leading his own strength and conditioning program, Rath was named the NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the year by the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, an award voted on by strength and conditioning coaches around the NFL.

Ted’s application of velocity based training in football with his athletes and colleagues is extensive.

  • He talks about his first experience with VBT and they steps he made to get him where he is today.
  • Reasons why he uses GymAware over competitor products
  • Gives insight into how he intends to implement VBT in his new role at the Eagles.

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Length: Approx 20 minutes

In Velocity Philosophy we interview leading experts in the field of strength coaching who implement velocity based training. Our aim is to use case studies/user stories to try and move away from theory and science to hear actual instances of VBT implementation – the good, the bad and the ugly. Guests are highly experienced in using the GymAware system, so we’ll be able to look at all the different ways coaches are leveraging GymAware and VBT concepts to improve performance in the gym, on the field and even to enhance their own professional careers.

Watch the episode below: